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16 February 2014

Sufi Rock, A Simple Intro

Contrasting rhapsodies with Harmonium and Guitars romancing all through the song, the sufi rock way!
Its actually surprising and breath taking, how the string instruments take place of soulful cries in a traditional qawwali to take the genre into yet another level.
Genre has its roots to legend Ustad Nusrat fateh ali Khan himself. In 1995, pearl jam's Eddie Vedder joined hands with Nusrat saab to come up with Face of Love and Long road, two singles in this genre.
1) The Face of Love

2) The Long Road

Then, with micheal brooks, ustad ji came up master class albums, "Mustt Mustt" - A must hear album in the genre and Grammy nominated album "Night Song".
Sweet pain from Night Song & Star rise (Another one album released by micheal brooks posthumously to ustad ji's demise)

After ustad ji's sad demise, Rizawan & Muazzam (Distant cousins to Nusrat Ji, who were then tutored by Nusrat ji himself) become one of the torch bearers of this genre.
They came up with Naina De Akhay and Nima Jaana Jogi Naal in a Coke Studio Performance.

It is with Band Kailasa, by Kailash kher, the genre got popular in India.
Saiyaan By Kailaasa

Bismillah by Kailaasa

Arr has composed many qawwali's & Sufi Song's for Bollywood films and Albums but first song to have a trace of this genre is his collaboration with Niyaz in the Single, Mazaar

Latest song in the genre is the Master class Sufi Songs from the Movie, 'Highway' composed by  none other than the Mozart of Madras.
Yeah its patakha guddi. Both Male Version & female Version is different and Awesome in its own merit.
Let me share ThalaivArr's version of Patakha Guddi

Sorry for Covering a small gang of artists. Please contribute your views to further improve the scope of this article!

16 September 2013

Kochadaiiyaan - The Legend | Official Teaser (Exclusive)

Kochadaiyaan's Teaser featuring Super Star Rajini Kanth with Original Score by our ThalaivArr has crossed 3 Million Hits in the You tube...
Catch the video here: