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02 July 2010

Ar rahman's album list

Now it is the album list of ar rahman. This will be out in two parts. First part is here and the next part can be expected to be out in few days. Thanks for your support. Proud to be a rahmaniac
                                                      Album list  - 1

Album name

Extra details



This album is by ar rahman
and its lyrics are penned by vairamuthu. SPB, mano, janaki had contributed
vocals to this album.



This is one of the recent albums of ar rahman with six tracks including the famous track of jiya se jiya . Silent invocations of this album are a huge hit.



This is the album done by ar rahman in collaboration with Mr. Vanessa mae. In this album, he has reused the ragaa’s
dance theme from the film swades / desam.


Deen isai mazhai

This is his first album which is a devotional one. This album has 9



This album was done by him even before the release of roja. In fact this album’s cover will have his name as dilip kumar. He played keyboard
for this album.


Gurus of peace

Gurus of peace was done with nazret ali khan. This album has a song which is re used from his
Tamil film karuthamma (porale  - fast version). He has also lent
his voice for this song.


Jana gana mana

Jana gana mana is
the remake of national anthem by ar rahman.


Set me free

It is an album by ar rahman
with 8 tracks


Then vandhu payudhu

Then vandhu payudhu
is a musical interpretation of Tamil poems written by Mr. vairamuthu


Vande mataram

This needs no explanation to an indian. It
is the highest musical groser in India. This is
often referred as the second national anthem of India. This has the famous
track – Maa tujhe salaam
/ thai manne vanakkam


Pray for me brother

It was a joint initiative of ar rahman foundation and nokia N
series. The song was conceived and composed in aid of the united nations
millennium development goal to eradicate poverty by 2015.


Ekam satyam

This album has a song in Sanskrit and in English. This song was
played in Michael Jackson’s friend’s concert at Munich. The English song was
composed by ar rahman


Ek nazaria

Ar rahman scored
music for the lines of former president of India Mr. APJ Abdul kalaam in ek nazaria


Hey jawan tujhe
salaam / BSF song

This song was released by ar rahman for supporting the border security force of India.
This has a song adapted from (Azaadi – Bose)


We can make it better

This is tsunami theme by ar rahman which was released after a tsunami hit the
sub-continent to create awareness


One love

One love album consist of a song sung in six
languages – Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, kannada, telugu and Bengali by ar rahman, naresh iyer and karthik.


Pirapokkum ella uyirkkum / Semmozhi

This is the song done by ar rahman for the world Tamil conference whose lyrics were
penned by Mr. karunanidhi, honorable chief minister
of tamil nadu. See that


Jai jai garvi

This song was done by ar rahman for the Gujarat day celebrations. See that here Jai jai garvi gujarat


Roja music adaptation

It is the instrumental adaptation of the Tamil film Roja ( his first film in Tamil )


Gentle man music adaptation

This is also an instrumental adaptation of the songs of the movie
gentle man. ( this is the debut film for director Shankar )


Indian ocean

In Indian ocean, ar rahman
worked with yousuf islam.


Hyderabad airport theme

This is a theme composed by ar rahman for the Hyderabad airport theme.


Champions league 20 -20 theme

Champions league 20 -20 anthem is also composed by ar rahman.


Airtel marathon theme

This is also just a theme composed by ar rahman for the airtel marathon
in New delhi.


Delhi common wealth games

Delhi common wealth games 2010 theme music is also going to have ar rahman touch. See more about
that here – CWG ARR


Puyal aditha desam

There is a mixed opinion about the composer of this album. But many rahmaniacs attribute this to ar


Times of India theme

This is a theme composed by ar rahman for the times of india


Bombay dreams

This is actually a broadway musical done by
ar rahman which was
produced by mr. Andrew Lloyd webber.

This list is prepared with utmost care to be out of mistakes. This list is not having the ad vertisements for which he has scored music. Those ad jingles in which ar rahman had played part will be out in the next list.
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